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About IMMA

International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance

The International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance was set up to:


  1. Meet the unmet needs of Mindfulness and Meditation Teachers and schools.
  2. Promote the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.
  3. Provide support to existing mindfulness and meditation teachers and coaches
  4. Provide accreditation to schools who train mindfulness trainers and coaches, meditation teachers and nature connection guides.
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We are an international body run by mindfulness and meditation teachers.
We do not conduct teacher training ourselves.
We are not associated with any religion or one spiritual path.

Our aim is to build an inclusive community.
We aim to set and maintain standards of accreditation based on knowledge, experience and/or education.
We ask our members to live by the principles they teach, accepting that we are all human and fallible.
As an organisation, we aim to embody the values of compassion, acceptance, inclusiveness and gratitude.

IMMA Advisory Board


The association is guided by an advisory board that has a rich blend of experience and expertise who come from Australia, England and America.

Ian Banyard, IMMA advisory board member

Ian Banyard

Corporate Trainer, Nature Connection Guide, Author and Mindful Entrepreneur

Ian Banyard believes that a mindful re-connection with the natural world is the key to saving both ourselves and our planet.

Growing up with a mentally ill parent was a challenge for Ian when things became too much he would head out into the local woods, or if the weather didn’t permit gaze out his bedroom window. The woods became his sanctuary, but like many people, as he grew into adulthood he lost his connection with nature. Living in a city, doing a job to make a living, while striving to provide for his family, Ian found himself becoming increasingly numb until one day his life derailed and he fled, back to the woods. For five years he immersed himself in the Lakes District in Cumbria, walking for long periods of time through the woods with his dog. At times he felt anger, sadness, depression, at other times he felt a connection, healing and re-balancing. He started using his senses to bring his attention to the landscape around him, the veins in a leaf, the sunlight on the lake. Ian says that walking with mindfulness gave him clarity of thought which led to the answers he’d been seeking that changed his entire life.

Ian is now a life coach and nature connection guide. He leads regular walks and trains others to do the same, in the beautiful Cotswolds region of England. Ian is the author of Natural Mindfulness.

The link to Ian’s page is

AnneHartley , IMMA advisory board member

Anne Hartley

CEO of Hart Life Academy, Author

Anne has a long background in teaching life skills and has meditated for 35 years. Anne underwent the rigorous process of applying for a nationally recognised qualification for her life coaching course with the Australian Government, which she attained. She then attained recognition as a Government recognised registered training organisation. The administration for IMMA is done by Anne’s company, but it is a separate business entity, that is not associated with Hart Life Academy.

Anne is also a best-selling author of several books including Love the Life You Live and Financially Free. Anne’s work has been recognised internationally and she has trained people from all over the world.

Anne lives on the idyllic northern beaches of Sydney. She has two adult children and a family of animals. She is passionate about nature connection and the benefits that mindfulness and meditation can make in our live

Dianne McCabe, IMMA advisory board member

Diane McCabe

Change Coach | Facilitator | Speaker | Mental Health Advocate

Dianne grew up in a small fishing village sandwiched between the mountains and the wild Atlantic in rugged & rural Donegal, Ireland. She relocated to Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 1999 where she now lives with my husband Justin & 8-year-old daughter Aisling.

Dianne has had 20+ years working in international corporate organisations in Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Technology & Food Manufacturing in roles ranging from Diagnostic Technologist, Director IT Business Systems, Project Management to Organisational Change Manager. She has had a varied and meandering career path having studied Chemistry in college then changing careers from science to IT, then organisational change to the business owner.

She started The Happy Path so she could inspire individuals and organisations to find their happy path, by implementing courageous mindful change.

Having lived experience with mental health issues, she is channeling her passion, skills and strengths to positively transform corporate culture in relation to mental health.

When she is working she can be found hanging out with family & friends, walking in nature, cooking, listening to podcasts, audio books and heavy metal and breathing new life into old furniture.

Dianne says, “Mindfulness and meditation are two key ingredients I use to nurture my mental health and fuel my happy path. I firmly believe these practices have the power to transform lives.”

Alex Strauss

Alex is the author of The Mindful Walker, Rediscovering the Simple Path to a Healthier, Happier, More Peaceful Life. She lives in North Carolina in the US.

Alex started her life as an entrepreneur when she had a 3-month old baby and a toddler. She had just left a job as a TV news anchor and health reporter, as she couldn’t sustain the hours with two young children. She didn’t find what she was looking for immediately. She became a freelance science writer, website designer, magazine publisher, marketing consultant, editor, music educator, voiceover artist amongst the many things she tried.

She is now a workshop leader, coach, and author. When she discovered a better way to live she started sharing it with other women and now works with women, helping them design mindful lives.

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