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The Miracle of Surrender

By Anne Hartley

Feb 16 2021

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When I wrote my book Love the Life you Live , I was in such a great space in my life I wanted to share it with the world.  The optimist in me expected to stay in that place, apart from minor problems, for the rest of my life.

That didn’t happen—I went from loving my life to struggling to get through the day. I believe that every life has a purpose and that is to develop to our full potential.  When we first awaken to our purpose we experience joy and passion, we feel fulfilled.  It’s much like graduating from university with an undergraduate degree, we have some knowledge, but our experience is limited.

So that we can gain self-mastery and develop our potential to its fullest our soul provides us with opportunities, often in the shape of problems.  Sometimes we experience the same issues we think we’ve mastered, and I want to make this point very clear, it’s not because we have done anything wrong.  It is merely life presenting us with opportunities for mastery at a very deep level.

What enabled me to turn my life around many times has been reaching the point of surrender.  However, only recently have I been able to reach that level intentionally. In the past surrender always occurred when I reached a point where I could do no more, either emotionally or physically.  At those times I literally threw my hands up in the air and handed my problems over to the Universe and let go.  And, in every instance when I did a miracle occurred.

My life has presented me with the opportunities, time and time again, to trust. Trust at its deepest level is surrender.  It’s about putting the mind and will aside, accepting responsibility to do your bit, then trusting the Universe to do the rest.

Life always presents us with opportunities to live to our full potential.  By embracing the challenge and surrendering you recognise life’s gifts.

Anne Hartley is the owner of Hart Life Academy, an online training school which trains mindfulness and meditation teachers.

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