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Accredited Schools Albania

Dr. Fleura Shkembi, Albania
Inner Life Center, hypnotherapy, clinical psychology, mindfulness and meditation

Dr. Shkëmbi holds a notable position as a Lecturer and Career Adviser at the Mediterranean University of Albania in Tirana. She is the owner and founder of Inner Life Center, where she offers accredited trainings for psychologists and various other workshops related to meditation and personal development, including Mindfulness.

Her academic journey includes a degree in education, a diploma in clinical psychology from the University of Tirana, Albania, followed by studies in Clinical Hypnosis at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis in the United Kingdom. Dr. Shkëmbi is also a certified Life Coach by the Global NLP, Amsterdam, Netherlands and a certified Mindfulness meditation trainer by the Dhammakaya Temple in Frankfurt, Germany. She has been trained  from the “Global Peace on the Move 19” Peace Revolution program at the Dhammakaya Temple in Thailand and is partner of “World Peace Initiative Foundation”

Dr. Shkëmbi’s accomplishments extend beyond training activities. She is the author of a book titled “Mindfulness: An Alternative Perspective for the Management of Anxiety Symptoms,” showcasing her expertise in the field.

She has played a pivotal role in advancing scientific research in the field of Mindfulness meditation, making invaluable contributions to both its theoretical understanding and practical application.

As the owner of our organization, Dr. Fleura Shkëmbi’s dedication to the study of Mindfulness meditation has shaped our approach and philosophy. Her extensive research efforts have not only deepened our understanding of the practice but have also helped us develop effective techniques for its practical implementation.