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Accredited Schools

By Anne Hartley

Accredited Schools Cotswold Natural Mindfulness – trains Nature Connection Guides Cheltenham UK https://www.ianbanyard.com/home/ ian.banyard@gmail.com Hart Life Coaching – trains mindfulness and meditation teachers worldwide Sydney Australia https://www.hartlifecoaching.com.au/ anne@hartlifecoaching.com.au Mindfulness in Australia – trains mindfulness teachers Sydney Australia https://mindfulnessinaustralia.com rita_riccola@yahoo.co.nz


By Ian Banyard

Something bad has happened, either recently or a few years ago, or even back in our childhood, and we can’t stop thinking about it. You keep finding yourself falling into a pattern of worrying about someone, or a situation in your life and just can’t stop obsessing about it. You…

Developing Compassion

By Anne Hartley

Compassion is an emotional response to another person’s suffering combined with a genuine desire to help, but not everyone experiences it. Compassion is a brain function that is often not activated in people who do not feel safe. A person who experiences trauma in childhood, that could be someone who grew up in…


By Alex Strauss

Think you have no time to nurture you mind, body and spirit through mindful walking? Alex Strauss, creator of www.TheMindfulWalker.com and author of the best selling book, “The Mindful Walker”, has five tips (and a bonus!) to help you find a few extra minutes in even the busiest day.  

The Law of Attraction and Mindful Walking

By Alex Strauss

Alex Strauss, creator of TheMindfulWalker.com, explains why the way we often think about the Law of Attraction is backwards and how to connect to the Universe and attract your desires through Mindful Walking instead.

Why We Need to Meditate More

By Anne Hartley

When neuroanatomist and author Jill Bolte was recovering from a major stroke, she made some amazing discoveries, one of which was that she felt peaceful when she was disconnected from the left hemisphere of her brain (the thinking mind).  To regain full control of her faculties she had to learn…

Let’s End the Mindlessness Epidemic

By Anne Hartley

Have you ever watched a reality TV show where contestants are always racing to beat the clock? We hear statements such as, “I have to get it perfect or I’ll be going home”. Then we break for an ad featuring a busy mother suffering from heartburn, and the message is…

Prosperity Meditation Video

By Anne Hartley

This 7  minute meditation focuses on attracting more abundance into your life.  

Body Scan Video Using Natural Mindfulness

By Ian Banyard

Ian Banyard talks about how to use the body scan exercise in a natural mindfulness way.  

Being Mindful Makes You Happier

By Anne Hartley

Mindfulness is not about trying to fix anything. It is about expanding our awareness by focusing on the present moment several times a day for short periods of time. Mindfulness is known to alleviate stress but that is just a side benefit, the real benefit we gain from mindfulness is…

The Benefits of Forest Bathing

By Ian Banyard

Healthy trees shower (or bathe), themselves in an antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antibacterial compound called phytoncides. This is how they combat disease. Inhaling and absorbing, these phytoncides, triggers the human body to produce a specialised white blood cell called NK cells. Natural Killer cells are responsible for attacking cancerous and tumorous growths in the…

The Difference Between Wants, Needs and Fantasies

By Anne Hartley

Every now and then I dream of living a radically different life, this usually occurs when I feel overwhelmed, disconnected from others, or stressed. On those occasions I may do some research, but I’ve never taken any action towards turning those dreams into reality because they are fantasies, a way…